Stéphane Collin - About me

My father was a photographer. It must be in the family.

Over twenty years ago, I wondered which media I can express myself with - A week later I learnt Black & White laboratory techniques. I spent 10 years practicing photography within a local association in relation with passionnated people. At the same time, I studied Cinema and Multimedia at university; meeting professionals and artists.
I was impressed by the awesome work of Henri Cartier Bresson, the wandering of Dolorès Marat, the writings of Denis roche and by Manula Alvarez Bravo's Black and White elegance...

I worked for 10 years within the communications field and spent time on series creation such as Intensity. A few years ago, I studied at Gobelins digital technics and made the move for professional equipment.

Now I work in the communications field especially in Corporate photography for worldwide and local companies. Some references for instance are Faurecia, EDF, Syctom, Federec, Théatre du Faune... At the same time I continue to work on my photographic projects such as organic life and Little island landscape series.