Life is a fragile moment

Bangkok emergencies

Life is a fragile moment

Do we need to believe if we were immortals ?

The emergency system in Bangkok is based on Chinese foundations created in the early 20th century. Initiated by Buddhist Chinese monks, it was managed for health and humanitarian reasons to clean the streets of dead bodies and to help the wounded. Today two foundations represent the vast majority of first aid in Bangkok and surrounding areas. These foundations get support from Thai donations. Donating is a special moment in a Thai person’s life.
It's a way to be closer to their dead loved one and spirits and to increase their merit by helping the organization.
These organizations have their own temples where the donations have been made via a number of rituals. One has its own cemetery for unidentified people. They have their professionals and many volunteers who expect overnight accidents, fire, murders...

My approach aimed to superimpose alternately the time of meditation and rituals with dramatic night moments. If emotion is at the heart of our existence, its expressions can be highlighted until the fragility of life is unveiled.

Donation receipts are usally burnt to tell the spirit how much you have donated. Poh Teck Tung House of prayers